Why direct sales?

Okay my darlings…it has come to this….

You are probably asking yourself this…. Tyna, why the heck would you choose direct sales? What makes them so freakin special? Well, the truth is, I was concerned about this as well. So to make a decision, I made a list. The pros and the cons.

Now, if your read my post “What is holding you back”, you know that I was quite desperate.

I wanted freedom but I also wanted a good income. Now how in the world was I going to do that? Impossible task ahead of me, I thought. However, I refused to give up!

My sweet sister in law was in a direct sales company and she told me all about it. That planted a seed in me. All I kept thinking about was this company. They had amazing products and compensation plans and don’t even get me started on those bonuses.

Hey, I am a BIG dreamer. Ever since I was a child, my imagination has been huge and wild. I never grew out of it. So here I was, dreaming. And boy was I dreaming big. I wanted this life and I knew it could happen with this company.

The PROS and the CONS

Like I mentioned before, I love lists. They work so well when you have a big decision to make.

They literally put your thoughts on paper so that the good ol’ brain could see which side is looking like the one to choose.

Hey, this was my life changing solution so I need to know that I was making a good decision and not just going off of my emotions. Well, here was my list:


  • work from home
  • work 10-15 hours A WEEK
  • pick my own hours
  • play with my kiddos WHENEVER I want
  • Have time to cook a real meal
  • My business is to talk to people (I LOVE to talk)
  • Have time to go on dates with the Hubby
  • Girls nights? Yes please!
  • vacation whenever I want and not ask work for permission
  • get a nice discount on the products for myself
  • grow my income to as high as I want
  • its a small investment
  • this company offers a 60 day money back guarantee
  • help people with their self confidence


  • it is a small investment (that was a pro and con for me)
  • what if I fail?

I am not lying to y’all, that is all I could come up with for the cons.The pros, however, kept popping into my head!

But let me tell you, self doubt is a strong thing. It messes with your head and makes you feel like you are nothing.

That was hard for me. I have NEVER done anything like this before! What if I absolutely sucked at it? My brain couldn’t deny the list, however. The Pros clearly had a win here.

As you can see, my cons did not include “losing money”. I was fortunate enough to find a direct sales company that offered a 60 day money back guarantee on the consultant kits.

That really did give me a huge peace of mind. If I tried it and did not like it, I could return it all before the 60 days was up and get a refund. But I wasn’t going to do that because I was going to do everything I could to kick butt in this business. I was determined. I was desperate.

As far as my self doubt, that quickly went away. The team I joined is AMAZING. Those people LOVE what they do and they made sure I had everything I needed to succeed. Your team is your life line. They give you what you need to succeed- you just have to be willing to take that and apply it.

So, make that list for yourself. With all seriousness, if making that PROS list and dreaming about your potential future life makes you giddy and excited like a little kid in the candy store, THIS IS FOR YOU.

However, if it feels like a chore and is annoying to you, then maybe this is not for you. Direct sales is not for everyone and that is ok.

However, if that seed has planted in you and all you can think about is direct sales and your future potential life, contact me! Let’s chat and figure out what’s right for you!



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