So you’re thinking about a home based business….

Well, honestly, why shouldn’t you?

Home based businesses have a lot of attractive perks, don’t they? They give you the promise of having freedom, being your own boss, working when is most convenient for you and still being able to make a good income.

Well, this can’t possibly be true….right????

Actually, it can. The problem is that the term “direct sales” home business has a bad stigma.

There are many reasons that an individual can fail at direct sales, but I promise, all of those reasons can be avoided!

One just has to remember, this is YOUR BUSINESS. It is NOT your hobby. Treat it like a business, and it will be successful. Treat it like a hobby and…well…you know the rest.

So why do people fail?

  • They select a business that has very little consistency (I mean, seriously, how much jewelry or pairs of leggings can one person buy???) You have to select a business that sells products that people use EVERYDAY and run out of on a regular basis, so that they will need more and order again from you on a fairly regular basis.
  • They treat it like a hobby. It is your business. Do you know what that means? You should have “hours of operation”. You should dedicate a certain amount of time to it daily. You should educate yourself about the the products so that you can answer your clients questions. Think of it this way. If you opened up your own little store from scratch and invested tens of thousands into it, how would you treat it? You would do EVERYTHING to make sure it was successful, right? Well, thankfully most direct sales companies don’t require you to invest anywhere close to that. However, treat it as if you had. Your mindset will change.
  • They have never used the products or don’t believe in the products. Seriously, why even sell it? People love passion. They can see it. They can sense it. You have to have a passion for the products that you sell. How can you expect someone to buy from you if you yourself don’t even use it?
  • It takes work. This is probably the number one issue. No lie, when I first started my first direct sales company years ago, I believed that I would go on social media, post that I am selling this product and people would be coming to me saying “OMG! I want to buy from you!” Man, was I highly disappointed. It does not work that way. It takes work. You have to apply yourself and do some work. Once you treat it like a business and put in some effort, it really becomes rewarding.
  • They give up. They talk to everyone on their friends list, these friends say no and so they throw in the towel.
  • They never leave their friends list. Unlike what you may have heard, you DON’T have to just bug all your friends in order to get sales! I am not saying to exclude them, but there are other ways to get customers! Some people will text or call every friend and person they know, and when they have heard “no” several times, they figure it’s not worth it and give up.

And, hence, why direct sales have such a cruddy rep. People are not willing to be creative, to put forth an effort and work their business. These people that have “failed” at direct sales then go on and spread the negativity and negative comments spread like wildfire.

It sounds like it may be complicated…

Not at all! The most important thing to remember is to be coachable. Talk to leaders in the business. Listen to them. Learn from them. Also, talk with several leaders and coaches. You pick up cool little tricks from each one and then you mold it into the prefect little routine that works for you. So if you…

  • Can dedicate 30 min-1 hour every day to your business (it can be spread up- 10 min here, 15 there)
  • Are willing to use your products and learn about them
  • Are willing to learn new things in order to be successful
  • Are willing to treat this business LIKE A BUSINESS
  • Actually do work and not just want success handed to you

Then you might want to look into starting a direct sales business. Believe me, the benefits are SO worth it.

You literally work PART TIME hours each week, around your life and have the ability to make a 6 and 7 figure yearly income within a few years.

Many direct sales companies also offer bonuses, such as free vacations and free car allowances once you reach a certain level in the business.

So are dedicated? Determined to success? Do you want to be free from your 9-5 job with a demanding boss? Let’s chat.

Would you like a 15 minute phone consultation to see if this opportunity is right for you? Let's chat!



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